Saeco PERFETTA White

Reliable, compact, and snazzy – perfect for high-performance hospitality service.

$4,675.00 inc. GST

The Perfetta’s durable, heavy duty features are ideal for the hotel, restaurant and café scene.

This reliable machines provides consistent coffee all day long, and only occupies 58 cm of linear counter space.

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The versatile Saeco Perfetta is perfectly designed for the hotel, restaurant and café sector, combining many features including one steam wand, a hot water dispenser, a 13L boiler capacity with automatic refill, a movable stand for different cup sizes, and an easy-to-use, touch sensitive key pad.

The two group heads can pour 4 coffees simultaneously and can serve large quantities of coffees per day, suitable for a high-performing environment.

This heavy duty machine is built to last, with no plastic in its body panels, while its stainless steel wire drip tray ensures the serving cup bases is always clean.

The Perfetta features a movable stand in order to fit a range of cup sizes.

This machine is functional and accessible for professional use, with programmable drink selections and automatic measurement of coffee dosage for consistency.

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