KALEA Espresso Fresh Milk

KALEA Espresso Fresh Milk

$9,690.00 inc. GST

The Kaela Fresh Milk self service machine delivers espresso coffee at a capacity of 150+ cups a day.

Necta’s high volume and high performing machine is perfect for reception and waiting room areas meeting spaces, large functions and office workplaces, service stations and convenience stores.

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Korinto Prime Espresso

KORINTO PRIME Espresso Fresh Milk

$5,890.00 inc. GST

The Korinto Prime Fresh Milk instant coffee machine comes with a robust and sleek design, compact build, a simple user interface, and complementary accessories that will please any type of coffee drinker.

This instant machine is suitable for a range of medium to large sized workplaces and the hospitality sector, with a capacity of 150 cups per day.

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KORO Prime Espresso

KORO PRIME Espresso Fresh Milk

$5,490.00 inc. GST

Necta’s automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine, the Koro Prime, is both stylish and powerful, delivering consistent quality coffee.

Suited for medium sized workplaces, the Koro Prime serves up to 75 cups of coffee before requiring a refill. It comes with a milk frothing attachment, an instant product dispenser for decaf or hot chocolate powder, and is programmable for up to 8 specialty coffee selections.

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$6,150.00 inc. GST

Necta’s Krea Touch Espresso provides grinded fresh bean-to-cup coffee with a capacity of 100+ cups a day.

This self-service machine has distinct and elegant design, suitable for reception areas, meeting rooms, service stations and convenience stores.

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Necta coffee machines remain a superior brand in the coffee industry. The brand is renowned for its wide range of items and associated services with its full selection of super automatic coffee machines including coffee vending machines. It is easily integrated into small or large workplaces, too busy coffee shops and is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Necta, the flagship brand of Bravo, strives to provide cutting-edge machinery to meet all market demands in the Automatic, Impulse and Semi Automatic sectors. Necta maintains a strategy of ongoing product development and innovation.

The innovative technologies and inventions created have consistently raised the bar for the sector, and Necta is an industry leader with an unbeatable competitive edge.

Offering equipment that is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It is highly dependable and fitted with optimal technology advancements. The continuous positive feedback is what drives demand for replacement and new adoptions. Due to the outstanding quality, dependability, and simplicity of maintenance of its goods, the brand has an excellent reputation.

Successful collaborations with several significant coffee roasters with like-minded partners, who are highly concerned with the quality of their products because the roasters also co-brand their machines. The brand services some of the biggest names in Europe alone.

Bravo Repair is the largest coffee machine repair company in Australia, providing nationwide pickup and delivery services from your front door ranging from Necta coffee machines and more.