Innovation without compromising on an eye-catching design, for large workplaces.

$13,200.00 inc. GST

The Gaggia La Radiosa is the ultimate coffee solution for both the large office workplace and the hotel, restaurant, café sector.

Producing up to 250 cups of coffee a day, this machine offers flexibility and enhanced technology that can be programmed for self-service or barista mode.user can customise espresso drinks to their taste.

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The La Radiosa automatic fresh milk, bean-to-cup coffee machine offers compactness, style and versatility, with customisable espresso drinks tailored to the user’s taste.

It boasts up to 12 coffee selections per single screen, up to 5 drinks categories with up to 120 selections for each category, and can produce up to 250 cups of coffee per day.

The Evomilk technology enables adjustment of dosage, temperatures and density of fresh milk, and dispenses hot and cold foamed milk with advanced milk system cleaning.

Within compact dimensions, this machine offers a range of customisable coffee options, where the user can specify one or two bean hoppers, with one or two soluble powder containers, and can choose between two different coffee blends.

A large, user friendly and capacitive 10” HD display, with a one-touch interface, makes the coffee-making process efficient and pleasurable.

No manual cleaning is required with its own plug and play automatic cleaning cycle.

The La Radiosa can be set up for barista use in a hospitality environment, however can also be programmed for self-service to cater for an office workplace.

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