KORINTO PRIME Espresso Fresh Milk

High capacity for high production, for both a large office and the hotel, restaurant and café sector.

$5,890.00 inc. GST

The Korinto Prime Fresh Milk instant coffee machine comes with a robust and sleek design, compact build, a simple user interface, and complementary accessories that will please any type of coffee drinker.

This instant machine is suitable for a range of medium to large sized workplaces and the hospitality sector, with a capacity of 150 cups per day.

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The Korinto Prime is suitable for the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) market, or as a medium to large office coffee solution.

The instant coffee machine has a user-friendly and simple interface with a backlit, touch-sensitive selection panel and a large graphic display.

There are 8 drink selections available, with options for everyone from caffeine junkies to non-coffee drinkers.

They include: espresso, long black, cappuccino, mocha, hot chocolate, hazelnut latte or chai latte, and hot milk. Features also include a semiautomatic multi-drink dispenser, stainless steel delivery area that can accommodate anything from small cups to 24cm coffee jugs, a professional geared milk pump and up to 50 doses of solid waste container capacity.

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