Saeco SE 50

Compact and capable, the ideal coffee machine for the home and small office.

$1,890.00 inc. GST

Designed for domestic and small office use, the PR SE50 has a capacity of up to 50 cups of coffee a day and incorporates 2 coffee selections.

It includes triple thermoblock technology and double pumps for concurrent frothing of milk and espresso brewing, ensuring efficient coffee delivery.

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‌The Saeco SE50 is a professional coffee machine ideal for a small workplace or domestic setting.

Compact and sleek, the SE50 has a LCD display for effortless adjustment of settings, as well as a stainless steel build that is easy to clean.

This machine is capable of making single and double espressos and dosage can be determined easily through programming or manually adjusting the lever.

Boasting triple thermoblock technology, this coffee machine has 3 separate boilers for coffee, water and steam circuits, enabling fast and efficient coffee delivery.

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