Saeco Lirika Plus

Compact, easy to use, with one touch operation ideal for office or small locations.

$1,190.00 inc. GST

The semiautomatic Lirika Plus has a simple and essentials-focused design. It’s easy-to-use display interface allows for options of short and long coffees, and, hot water or steamed delivery. With a very slim build of 21.5cm wide, the Lirika is suitable for small locations.

$1,190.00 $892.50 inc. GST

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The simplicity, compactness and performance of the Saeco Lirikia is perfect for an office or small restaurant or café.

The Lirika Plus incorporates a semiautomatic frothing attachment made of stainless steel, to be mounted on a steam wand.

This semiautomatic fresh milk coffee machine serves grind on-demand fresh bean-to-cup coffee, with the ability to serve two coffee cups simultaneously, comes with 4 coffee settings, and It’s also able to store approximately 15 doses of coffee before it needs emptying.

The modern and user-friendly design and display interface offers a menu that can be easily programmed by the user.

Other features include a high quality milk frother, large capacity water and coffee tanks, a Class A boiler, ceramic blades, adjustable brewing strength and a removable brewing unit for cleaning and maintenance.

The Lirika embodies both the simplicity and compactness of a semiautomatic espresso coffee machine for the home, and the sophistication and built-to-last quality of a machine fit for commercial use.

Enjoy a latte, cappuccino or espresso without hassle.

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